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Prayer Requests


  • Prayer for son-in-law and family

    My daughter and son-in-law need prayer. Since my son-in-law was witnessed to (and accepted Jesus as Saviour - Father be praised!) since he was a professed atheist prior - we were so pleased.

    However, he had seed that fell 'among the thorns'. Sorry to report (but Father is all-knowing, all full of holy power) my son-in-law met another atheist woman/divorcee who lured him away from his own family. Nevertheless, he has to make his choices.

    I fear for my granddaughter since it has been said to me that the new atheist common-law spouse woman is permitting horror movies to be viewed as an activity.

    Father in heaven, have mercy and may my son-in-law come to his senses soon.

    Thank you for praying about this. I trust in Jesus always.

  • Addiction

    Please pray for me, I am struggling in my relationship with Jesus.

  • Relationship and Restoration

    Please pray that I don't give up but keep the faith, because without faith it is impossible to please God. I want to please God and have a closer relationship with Him and the Holy Spirit. My marriage is an urgent prayer request that I cast my cares and burden unto to the Lord as Psalm 55:22 says. I need the Lord's help.

  • Growth / Healing / Protection

    Forgiveness. I praise God and Him alone for the progress made in this relationship. Be with us, help us to navigate and build together through this situation. Give him the words to say and the mindset to heal the hurt he has caused me and to restore my confidence and comfort in him. Grow his maturity that he will understand the harm in that behaviour. Help him to appreciate me and my reliance in prayer to understand the situation rather than taking my frustration out on him. Give him the desire and strength to understand my hurt and perspective and reconcile the situation. Help us to communicate well and instill confidence in one another and our desire to make a successful and intimate relationship together. Build our relationship and connection stronger than ever before. Keep us above all negativity, ill intent, road blocks and distractions. Build us to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Heal us of our wounds and demons, the things that come between us or those that simply harm us as individuals. Be with us in our endeavours. Bring us success and prosperity. Heal my social anxieties and paranoias. Heal his emotional issues. Bring us stability and emotional stability. Bless, keep and bond us. I uplift my family and him. Bring us together with understanding and respect. Bring us prosperity, health and wisdom. Help us to love one another past our differences and to know how to communicate with love. Be with us all as individuals. I uplift a confused individual and her sphere of influence. Heal her mind and others like her that they will see the light and shun that false teaching. I uplift a number of other friends and their individual situations. I uplift a marriage. Bless, heal and flourish them. Let them be a positive example. Heal those negatively affected. Heal an unspoken emotional issue. Keep a certain negative individual far away from me and any influence in my life. Help me to reach promotion at work.

  • Protection and deliverance

    Please pray for me, that I may have protection and deliverance.

  • Condolence prayer requests for IUJ student from Canada

    Condolence prayer request for an IUJ student, from co-workers and fellow students. Deepest sympathies from all classmates and professors.

  • Love and marriage

    Father in heaven, please join us together in heart, mind and soul. Bring both of us together in Your holy name. Bless me with her love and make us life partners. Amen.

  • Prayer for deliverance and wisdom

    Please pray to Jesus that I will be set free, and that I will receive God's wisdom to write books.

  • Love and marriage

    Father, please bless me with a life partner and friend. Amen.

  • Urgent Prayer Requests

    Please pray for my family and me that we will re-connect ASAP, and for the work I am doing in business, in government, and in the community. I also need a financial blessing and true love blessing for myself and my life so I can continue to bless others through my faithful and ministry charity work in the world as the Lord Jesus Christ has asked His church to do for people. Thanks and blessings.

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