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Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for my brother

    My brother has been out of work for more than a year. He's been relying on online trading which doesn't always yield returns. He also needs a spiritual breakthrough.

  • Prayer needed for relationship

    I am in love with someone who has been taking good care of my family and me. He promised to marry me, but his parents do not agree with our marriage and because he can't fight, he is suffering in silence.

    Please pray that God will restore our relationship.

  • Physical disability

    Please pray for me as I have a physical disability and suffer depression and health problems

  • Son facing crisis

    Please pray for my son, Ryan, who is facing a crisis right now. Thank you.

  • Prayer for deliverance

    Please pray that I will be delivered from evil.

  • Prayer for son-in-law and family

    My daughter and son-in-law need prayer. Since my son-in-law was witnessed to (and accepted Jesus as Saviour - Father be praised!) since he was a professed atheist prior - we were so pleased.

    However, he had seed that fell 'among the thorns'. Sorry to report (but Father is all-knowing, all full of holy power) my son-in-law met another atheist woman/divorcee who lured him away from his own family. Nevertheless, he has to make his choices.

    I fear for my granddaughter since it has been said to me that the new atheist common-law spouse woman is permitting horror movies to be viewed as an activity.

    Father in heaven, have mercy and may my son-in-law come to his senses soon.

    Thank you for praying about this. I trust in Jesus always.

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